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Albany Notes and the weekly email is an attempt to fill the void of no longer having a weekly newspaper in Albany. Editor Ken Harwood will look for story`s and notes from the area and will provide permanent links to the community and businesses. If  you would like to send a note or item to be included please feel free to do so...

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Angel`s Edgewater Cafe

Kathleen and I stopped in for breakfast and all I can say is wow. I asked Angel what to get and she said try her favorite omelet and hash browns. I mentions I was also thinking biscuits and gravy  and, with a wink, she said she would hook me up. The hash browns came covered in the biscuits gravy. Great coffee and Kathleen`s crispy bacon was perfect as were the eggs...

This is well worth the trip and if you already live here it should be a regular stop...

Review by Ken and Kathleen Harwood
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The Library is now open!

Monday 2-6 Full Circulation and Limited Computer Service *

Tusesday 1-3 Curbside pickup for high risk patrons

 Wednesday 2-6 Full Circulation and Limited Computer Service *

 Thursday 1-3 Curbside pickup for high risk patrons

 Friday 2-6 Full Circulation and Limited Computer Service *

Library Position Available

The Albertson Memorial Library has a new opening for an Outreach Librarian.  This position will encompass library aide work with added responsibilities in promoting the library through print, digital and in person.  A complete job description can be found here.  Applications and copies of the job description can be obtained at the Library; 200 North Water Street, Albany.

The Albertson Memorial Library Will be Installing Solar Panels

The Albertson Memorial Library in Albany, WI is moving forward with the installation of a solar panel array to supply a substantial amount of the library’s electrical power.

To start, the library is replacing the roof on the center section of the library.  That project will begin in April, 2021 or as soon as weather permits.    Shortly after the roof is completed, Full Spectrum Solar of Madison, WI will begin installing 72solar panels. 

Installing the solar panels will take 2-3 weeks.  The project is expected to be operational in June, 2021. 

When fully operational, this solar array will supply the library with approximately 60% of its electrical use.  Electricity is a major operational expense for the library.  Installing solar panels will reduce the library’s operating expenses by over 10% and allow those funds to be used for other purposes

This project supported by a gift from Mary Ann Sucharski, a former librarian in Albany; a grant from RENEW Wisconsin and its Solar for Good project; and Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy services program.

Watch for future updates on the details and progression of this project.

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Albany Links...

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Albany, Wisconsin (WI 53502) profile: population, maps, real estate

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Best restaurant in Albany, WI From Yelp!

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Albertson Memorial Library 200 N. Water Street · Albany, WI 53502 · (608) 862-3491

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Reubin`s Cave

Old Ruby, the wolf hunter,  was a discharged soldier who came from Fort Winnebago (Portage) in 1840 to the Albany area. He was illiterate and loved to roam the hills and river bottoms with his dogs. Reuben hunted wolves and brought their ears to the Monroe County Courthouse to receive a bounty of three dollars a piece. During the cold winters he could usually find a friendly farmer to let him stay in a barn, but at other times of the year Reuben occupied a cave in the side of a bluff along side the Little Sugar River.

In 1886 James Keegan leased the grounds in which Reubin`s Cave was carved.  He erected a winding wooden staircase encircling the cave from the the Little Sugar River up to the sixty foot bluff at the top and there constructed a dancing pavilion.  A small steam boat called the "Mikado" brought townspeople and tourist alike up through Lake Minetka ( the Albany millpond) into the mouth of the Little Sugar and then up the shallow stream to the acclaimed cave.  Plans were made for a lookout tower seventy-five feet high on the bluff with a telescope and "electric revolving light of all colors". 


Reuben Folsom, inset, legendary hermit-hunter, who, it is said, lived in the cave pictured here during the mid-part of the 1800`s.

Reuben seemed to live and move in a world of wolves; he became wolfish in nature and looked and talked like a wolf. He even named his dog "Wolf." He could out walk any ordinary human being, taking great strides as though some phantom form were dogging his foot-steps. Despite his seeming surliness, old Reuben was a harmless inoffensive creature whose whole sum of usefulness undoubtedly overbalanced all the harm he ever did.

However, it is quite certain that he was slightly deranged mentally. The children here were all afraid of him because he bit the heads off rats in order to show the strength of his teeth.

Time whitened old Reuben`s hair and, as the years went by, the one-time athletic step enfeebled led him to the home which charity had kindly provided for the unfortunate of the earth. It was in 1870 that the veteran hunter passed away. He was firmly convinced that turpentine was a great medicine and so he slipped away one night from the attendants and took a huge dose of it. He died soon after and was buried on a hillside between Monticello and Albany. Two or three years ago his body was moved to the Gap Church yard where the citizens of Albany erected a marker for him.
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Ideas for Albany and other Small Towns

How to Bring Business to Small Towns

Small towns offer high quality of life and a strong sense of the worth of every resident in the community, but a place with a small population has a hard time supporting a broad range of goods and services. Economic challenges are magnified in a small town, where even a smattering of home repossessions and business failures affect nearly everyone. The key to success in building a healthy business community in a small town is to create an economic development plan that maximizes the community’s strengths and minimizes its weaknesses. It is vital that the bulk of the populace is included in planning and execution.

1. Do a SWOT analysis of your town to identify its strengths...

2. Bring the community together to form a vision and set goals for local economic improvement...

3. Make sure the regional media is involved...

4. Form a core group of leaders to keep the planning effort going...

5. Create a plan to present to the community...

6. Refine the plan based on community feedback and prepare to execute it...

7. Create a chamber of commerce or EDO or encourage a regional unit to start a local chapter...

8. Set up a business facilitation office...

9. Offer incentives to new businesses to locate in the community...

10. Market the community and advertise business benefits to would-be business owners...

11. Keep local business in the public eye...

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Ken Harwood Notes: Some of my ideas for Albany... Any Interest???

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From Score...

Your First Step Toward Business Growth: SWOT Analysis

Choosing the right direction for the future of your company can be a daunting task. Should you add services? Is your team staying competitive? How can you improve cash flow?

All of these questions and more can be answered by performing a regular SWOT analysis.

This simple strategic planning technique can help you identify what your business is doing well, what it needs to improve, where it needs to grow, and what could be its undoing. What is a SWOT Analysis?

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Taking a deep look into your business by examining these four elements will provide you with an overview of the health of your company. Your strengths and opportunities offer avenues for your company to flourish, while your weaknesses and threats can inspire improvement and help you recognize emerging competition...
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Albany Area Businesses


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Ken Notes: Want to see your business above, just give ken a call...

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Abany Links

Area Homes For Sale

Land / Lots For Sale

Commercial Property For Sale

Air B&B listings

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Business Listings

Dam Near Home

103 Water St
Phone: (608) 862-3959
Bar games · Late-night food · Comfort food
"Real good place nice atmosphere and great food ..."

S & B Tubing

100 E Main St
Albany, WI 53502
Phone number (608) 862-3933
Business website

Edgewater Cafe
101 N Water St
Comfort food · Quick bite · Cozy

Gabriella`s Restaurant
Pizza Fine Food
203 Oak St
Comfort food · Cozy · Casual

Center Tavern
Bar and Food
108 Water St
Bar games · Happy hour drinks · Fast service

Broughton`s Corner Bar
120 N Water St
Cash-only · Bar games · Fast service

Attica Bar
N7298 County Highway X
Bar games · Fast service · Great cocktails

Bobanna`s Pizza
4.7 (10) · Pizza
102 N Water St
Comfort food · Quick bite · Casual

Sugar River General Store
General Store Sandwiches and Ice Cream
115 N Water St
(608) 862-3213

Bent n Dent Amish Grocery Store
4.8 (55) · Grocery Store
363 Atkinson Rd

Franklin Grove Etc
N7302 County Hwy X
Comfort food · Healthy options · Great dessert

Sugar River State Trail

The Sugar River State Trail follows an abandoned railroad line in south central Wisconsin for 24 miles from New Glarus to Brodhead. A short access trail connects the Sugar River State Trail to New Glarus Woods State Park. Fourteen trestle bridges cross over the Sugar River and its tributaries, while the trail passes by farmlands, woods, rolling hills, scenic meadows, remnant prairies and glacial topography. North of Brodhead, the trail goes over a replica covered bridge. The trail has also been designated as a National Recreational Trail.

Abrahams Woods State Natural Area
Abraham`s Woods is a 40-acre forest in Green County, Wisconsin owned by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was designated a Wisconsin State Natural Area in 1961 and a National Natural Landmark in 1973.

Muralt Bluff Prairie State Natural Area
Wonderful views from on top of a sweeping ridge. Nice prairie flora, great grassland birds.

Magnolia Bluff Park
A nice small park, with a couple of miles of rustic horse / hiking trails. We`ve enjoyed these almost all year round, though the mosquitoes and some biting flies are bothersome during the wet parts of the summer. A great spot for dog walking, but there`s no water so don`t plan your hike when it`s really hot! Picnic areas are plentiful, and dogs can picnic with you in the horse area if it`s not busy.

Albany Wildlife Area
Albany Wildlife Area is located just west of the Village of Albany in Green County. This property currently consists of a 1,421-acres of state-owned, 3 acres of easements and 282 acres of leased lands for public hunting, fishing, trapping and other nature based activities. Much of the area is wooded and follows the Little Sugar River west towards Monticello. There is about 310 acres of planted or maintained native grass on the area. There are 110 acres of cropland planted to corn, soybeans, sunflowers and hay for wildlife. Much of the land along the river is marsh with canary grass, cattails and sedges.

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Kayak Trip

Yesterday my neighbor Chris and I jumped in the kayaks and headed out to Reuben`s Cave, When we got there we met  Dwayne Catfish and his friend who were cleaning out the cave and surrounding area. For the record the Little Sugar River is a great place to Social Distance. A special thanks to Dwayne for keeping the cave clean and nice...

His Facebook post and videos of the cave are at the link and here:

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Other Titles

How to market a small town

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